What Is Your Color? Action Colors vs. Passive Colors

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Do action colors get clicked a lot more than passive colors on your website? Yes, this is a little brain trick you can use to improve your conversion rate. It’s a scientific thing known as the “Von Restorff Effect”. Simply said, the human brain remembers that what stands out. To make something stand out, you can use a specific color. You can then
TRAIN your visitors to recognize that color as something to click on. Do you think that is something worth to pursue on your website?

Here’s a very cool video made by Derek Halpern from socialtriggers.com on the use of colors and the Von Restorff Effect:

So, do you think you can use this action color trick in your marketing efforts? And the great thing about it is that it is so very simple. Start applying the Von Restorff Effect on your websites and you watch your conversions go up. So get creative with this. You want people to remember something or click? Make it stand out!

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