Traffic Dundee – Do They Trust You?

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alex cass traffic dundee review

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Alex Cass’ newest WSO Traffic Dundee has already surpassed 1000+ sales on the warriorforum. If you don’t know Alex Cass, he is a guy who knows a lot about conversion tactics and his own products tend to have a 20% or higher conversion rate. Others do 10% or less, so go figure! He knows his stuff. His Fiverr All Stars wso made thousands of sales. The refund rate for this particular wso is 1%. Anyone who can keep up that kind of numbers is not only a best seller, but someone to listen to and learn from, in my opinion.

Here’s a video review of Traffic Dundee

In a nutshell, Traffic Dundee covers how you can leverage ready made tools to create a steady stream of traffic to your website or offer. And not any traffic. You’ll learn how to generate a ton of free, pre-sold traffic. You really can’t have better traffic than people who are already pre-converted for your offer. This method is all about how you can build trust with your visitors by giving them a useful tool first so they end up buying products from you. By using the law of reciprocity you gain trust and create leverage, which in turn you can use to make money. It’s a beautiful concept and totally win-win. Focus on trust and you will skyrocket your conversions.

The entire Traffic Dundee training is in video format. However you also get the PDF transcriptions along with it, for those who prefer to read. The product at the time of this writing is less than 10 bucks, for a product that could easily be sold at $47! I have bought many wso’s and most of them I wouldn’t recommend. When I do recommend a product it must be something that helps you create a sustainable, long-term business. In this case it’s Kudos for Traffic Dundee.

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