Quality PLR Actually Exists

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Quick what is the first thing you think of when you hear the term PLR products?

What did you think of?

Sadly, there is a high chance that you instantly thought of something negative. Since I have been creating PLR products, I have noticed that there seems to be a stigma around the term PLR. People seem to doubt quality, how current it is and quite frankly the value.

quality plr still exists

All fair worries, because there has been a lot of subpar PLR content released over the years. The problem is for people who put in the time to create good quality PLR products. There are a number of creators online that offer great products, and they face an uphill battle because of this stigma.

The stigma of PLR is so bad that the term alone might drop sales. I havent done any really scientific testing, but we have sold personal rights versions of our products, and the PLR versions for similar prices and seen the personal rights version sell more.

That has happened more than once as well. Even if it isnt a pattern or a trend, realistically speaking the PLR version should be far more popular right? You get the eBook that you would get in the personal rights version, plus all of the other goodies, editables and the right to rebrand it as your own. It should be a slam dunk that it is more valuable, but when it comes time to sell and market it is regularly proving it isnt.

As a PLR Creator What Can I Do?

I dont think there is a simple answer for this, there is nothing one (or even a handful) of PLR creators can do to wipe away years of history.

The first step is to produce the best quality PLR that you can. We like to believe that is what we are doing, and from our interaction with other people it seems to be what they are doing as well. As we build our businesses and customers, we will naturally be building more respect (and hopefully less of a stigma) for PLR in general.

Another thing you can do is think of different ways to spin your creations. Maybe PLR is so tainted we have to move away from it. Maybe we are simply content creators or opt-in specialists. Maybe we are selling rebrandable guides, and instant content solutions.

I think that is kind of the cowards way out, Id like to challenge peoples beliefs about PLR head-on. That said, in some cases being creative about your services is a smart business move.

I am not sure how we can remove the PLR stigma, or if it is even possible. All I know is the more people who create and sell HIGH quality PLR means the more customers who will be open to it altogether. If you want to build your PLR business while building the actual market then commit to high quality PLR.


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