My Facebook Ads Got Dissapproved. Why?

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Has anyone tried linking a FB page to a FB app that redirects to a cpa/affiliate offer? I tried that today following the recommendation from a thread on the WF. In fact I used a WSO thread as my offer because in another course it was said that FB actually likes the WF and considers it to be a social platform, so they would allow linking to it.

Not so, my ads got dissapproved. The frustration as always is not knowing exactly why the Facebook inquisition does not like your ads. But I tried several variations, images, even changed the page title around, different ad text. The last ad I submitted was a real dorky one where I simply used the wso author’s picture and in my text I tried to avoid anything related to ‘make money’. It didn’t took them a whole 10 seconds to dissapprove it. So it must be the combination of the redirect with the landing page I used (the wso thread).

This was my ad:

I don’t really see what is wrong with it, only that the product that is being promoted is in the iM niche? If you want to check out the offer here’s the link to the thread (and no, this isn’t an affiliate link):

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