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have mentioned it before, but a personal goal of mine is to help reduce the stigma of PLR. So many people instantly think low quality crap. Well, I think stories like this will prove that there is some great PLR content out there, and more importantly, it can be used to make money right out-of-the-box.

So recently Justin (if you dont follow us, he is my biz partner and one of the founding fathers of Best Quality PLR) was approached to give a webinar. When you are working in the online world there will be a lot of these kind of opportunities.

People will approach you to do a webinar based on reputation

Someone in your social network will need a webinar guest

You can offer joint venture opportunities to people with big mailing lists who can schedule a webinar

You can speak on someones web show people are always looking for guests

There are even websites directed solely to generating webinar traffic.

Hold your own webinar set up landing page and direct paid traffic to it.

Anyways, creating webinar opportunities is a post in itself. What we want to discuss is how PLR helped us make some money. When doing a webinar there are two things you really need:

Webinar Content

An Offer

We were able to use our PLR products for both.

After being approached by someone who needed a basic SEO webinar, Justin created a slideshow from our SEO related products. He didnt skimp on the info, the goal is to deliver some quality content. Delivering a webinar can be a lot of work, but having this content did speed up the process.

So while Justin perfected the webinar content, I worked on putting together a package. I took some of our SEO related products, slapped our branding all over them (could have increased profit by adding our affiliate links through out but we didnt in this case) and zipped them up. I believe we used 3 eBooks. We packaged them for $27 and that was our upsell.

Justin delivered the webinar to 80 people. This is a good number of people for a webinar. Now, one thing to keep in mind is Justin is a total natural on the camera, and has a knack for creating webinars and video content. We have that inherent advantage over a lot of marketers, but you can get good and comfortable as well it just takes practice.

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