Learn To Use Twitter Like A Pro

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There are two things to remember on Twitter that are key:

1. You need a third party Twitter client

2. You have to engage the community with value

If you keep those two things in mind then you will be off to a great start.

The first thing you need to do when new to Twitter is to get a Twitter client – I like to use Hootsuite. I suggest you also use this. The benefits are many.

First off the Hootsuite layout is much easier to use effectively than the actual Twitter set up. It will allow you to do much more than the traditional Twitter dashboard. In fact you will be able to:

Create Custom Search Columns – See every Tweet that mentions a keyword you set, as it happens in real time.

Track your Tweets – Hootsutie has great analytical tools that will track click on your Tweet links, retweets etc…

It Runs in Browser – So no downloads to worry about, you can access it from ANY computer that is connected to the internet.

Manage Multiple Accounts – It lets you manage more than one account and in fact allows more than Twitter. I have my Facebook linked as well.

Scheduling a Tweet – You can set up Tweets to be send out at any time you want. This will allow you to keep a consistent presence on Twitter, and is a time management tool as well.

Hootsuite is also free – so that is a nice addition!

Once you are set up on Hootsuite it is time to start Tweeting. Keep these best practices in mind when Tweeting:

Set up search columns that are based on key terms within your niche. Engage these people.

Don’t spam links – you want to offer value to the Twitter community. For every link of your own you promote, you should have at least 5 nonpromotional @replies to other peoples Tweets.

Retweet others links and interesting Tweets. This will foster a sense of community.

Engage with people on a personal level

Be yourself – it is OK to be different on Twitter

Respond to anyone who Tweets you or about you

Leave 20 spaces in your tweets so people can easily retweet them

Use and learn about hashtags!

Really the most important thing to remember is Twitter is a community. You want to be a valuable part of it and not a spammer. Think of Twitter as a cocktail party – you wouldn’t go up and give random people your business cards, you would chat first, get to know them, find some common ground etc… That is how oyu should use Twitter.

Building your followers might seem like a grind at first, but eventually you will get to the point where your followers start paying off – and then you will realize the grind was well worth it.

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