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Keywords Phrases – Targeted Long Tail Keywords Hit Bullseye

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Keywords phrases, also called long tail keywords, are any keyword that is made up of more than one word, usually 3 or more. This is very important for you to know since most of what you do online will most likely revolve around long tail keywords. You can get tons of traffic, not so much from each individual keyword phrase, but if you are targeting lots of them then they can add up.

How to get TONS of traffic from ‘unpopular’ search queries

Most single keywords will just be way too competitive. They will literally have millions of online marketers all competing over that word. That is why the long tailed keywords make so much more sense.

Lets say you are in the empowerment niche. It will be much easier to rank for the term, “empowerment for elderly people” than it would be to rank for the term “empowerment”. This way you will still have a lot of monthly searches but you may actually have a shot of ranking for the longer keyword phrase.

Don’t get misled by the huge amounts of monthly searches some keywords get. If they are getting hundreds of thousands of searches each month you can bet that there are millions of competitors all fighting over the scrapes.

Why bother? You can easily compile a long list of long tailed keywords. Each keyword can average over 1,500 searches a month. And the best part? You can rank high for most if not all of the keywords on your list.

Long-tail keywords are how you outrank the competition

Just ranking high for one of those keywords might not get you a lot of traffic, but what if you had a list of 20 long tailed keywords, each receiving about 1,500 searches a month and you were able to rank high for all of them? That is a lot of traffic, traffic that you just wouldn’t get if you tried to rank for the much more competitive keywords.

You can use the Google Keyword Tool, which is free, or many other online versions which are not, to find a great list of keywords associated with your niche market. Just start off by using a fairly broad term and then burrowing down to find a nice long list of highly targeted keywords that consist of 3 or more words. I’m on Windows and I use this software tool to generate a large list of related keywords that I can easily filter in the same tool.

Once you have your keyword list you can then use those keywords for many things such as article marketing and on site search engine optimization (SEO). This will allow your website or your articles to show up high on the first page of Google for a particular keyword phrase. That means a lot of highly targeted traffic to your website… all for free.

Look For Relevancy In Your Keyword Phrases

Another important thing to keep in mind, you need to make sure that the keywords you choose not only have a decent number of monthly searches, and that they aren’t too competitive, but also that they are highly relevant to the content of your website. As you probably know, relevancy is what makes Google tick nowadays.

This is another parameter the search engines use to determine the rank of your site. If the keywords that you are targeting do not relate really closely to your website you won’t rank as high for that keyword. It’s not a big deal, just throw out any of the words on your list that don’t relate directly to your website.

Finding the best keywords phrases for your online marketing is a very important step to take to assure your online success.

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