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Keyword Research – Do You Need Paid Tools?

Great advice from the guys from Incomeschool: if you want to start a niche site, a blog, even an e-commerce site, stop doing keyword…

Keyword Assessment

October 30, 2012
[xf_four_fifth first]You should never tackle a list of keywords without first analyzing traffic and competition. Its a waste of…

How Keywords Impact SEO

August 15, 2012
Search engines give a lot of weight to text in the title of your document, so it is especially important to ensure that you place…

Off Page Optimization And Keywords

June 4, 2012
Your keywords are also important with regards to off-page SEO. Many people think they cant control factors that arent on their own…

Are YOU Breaking EU VAT Laws?
Now, EVERY digital sale made in ANY EU country has to include VAT – and the rate charged (in case you didn’t you know, every EU country sets its own rate!) is now based on where the customer is, not where the supplier is like before.

This applies to all digital product sellers - even if you are in the US!

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