How To Be More Productive Online

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If you are anything like me, you are always looking for better ways to manage your time. This year I have started many things in motion that have already improved my productivity immensely. I would like to share some of my tips with you.

Get Dictation Software

It might surprise you to know, that I didn’t type a single word of this article. Dictation software also known as speech recognition software has been available for a long time but recently it has become extremely accurate.

I get more work done because I’m able to do everything from writing content to replying e-mails much faster than before. If you are using a PC I suggest using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, if you are on a Mac I suggest MacSpeech which is the application I use.

Set Up A Schedule

Using your favorite calendar software you should set up a weekly calendar that will help you structure your days. This was a new habit for me and it has made a huge difference in how much work I get done.

As a for instance, I have scheduled one hour every other day to reply to e-mail. The rest of the time I do not touch my e-mail. Many times entrepreneurs get stuck in a loop of doing nothing, this includes frantically checking e-mail, statistics, social media destinations etc. None of these activities are productive unless they are structured into your day.

I even scheduled time to be creative, meditate, exercise, eat and learn Spanish.

Make Lists Of Your Goals

I am not talking about simple goals here, I want to think about what you want to do, have, and become. As a for instance one of my goals is to become a published author. That won’t do me much good unless I also write “write a book” on my list as well.

Many people tell you that goal lists don’t work, those are the people who don’t make lists. Having a list on your wall remind you every day to focus on your desired outcome. Without it we can lose direction and forget what we are working towards.

Always Be Mindful Of Your Unpaid Time

I have a friend who is a perfectionist, he is a professional whose time is very valuable. His clients are willing to pay a fortune because of his impeccable work. The problem is that my friend has to do everything himself.

Consider this example: if your time is worth $100 per hour and you can hire a contractor for $50 per hour to do work at your house, common sense dictates that you should pay someone to do that work because your time is more valuable. Many people miss the simple equation because they are too busy saving money. What they don’t realize is that their bank account would be larger if they worked the same hour that their contractor did.

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