Turn Any PLR Into Custom Software And Use It As Lead Magnet

Andy Brocklehurst has gone berzerk! He is giving away his flagship software EzSoftwareMaker and you can also get the Pro version plus brander for nuffink. Don’t know until when this will be up, guess when he comes to his senses it will be over quick!


If you are doing some form of online marketing it could be that your harddisk is full of PLR products. Some crappy, some actually good. I know I have bought my share of PLR and most of the time I never did anything with it. Yes I started out changing graphics and titles to make them unique, even made websites, but somehow I ended up abandoning the project.

Until I discovered I could make software. Software has a higher perceived value than other products like eBooks and PDF’s. Plus people are more likely to give you their real email address. It’s a great list builder.

Software is actually easy to make. We’re not talking some complicated data analysing project here. Just a handy tool that helps people with easy stuff. For example I turned a cheat sheet into a desktop rolodex and use that as a giveaway.

I used EzSoftwareMaker to wrap my files into a downloadable application. It’s simple to use once you get the hang of it. You don’t even need to know html, just use the free Kompozer to make your pages.

Now I just got an email from Andy Brocklehurst that for a short time he is giving away his Software Maker. I paid $37 for this! There are a couple of upsells for the Pro version and Pro version plus a branding tool. You can get those for free too.

So I would jump on this now, I don’t know how long Andy is going to leave this up.


How To Create Your Own Digital Products From PLR

When creating PLR products the very first thing you have to do is to choose a topic or niche. Obviously, if you are creating a product or writing an article pack, you have to choose what to write about. Basics.

What might not be so obvious, is what to choose! Since you are trying to make money, the key will be to choose something that sells. You need to choose niches or topics that are in DEMAND.

There is demand for PLR in a lot of niches, but having run a membership site for awhile now there are definitely some things to consider when you are choosing your topic or niche.

1. Your Knowledge Base What do you like writing about, what are you good at writing? Is there anything you know more about than the average person? This is a great way to think of a topic to write about. This wont guarantee commercial success, but it will let you put together the best product you can, in the least time possible.

Take the time to brainstorm, and write a huge list of your interests, experiences and things you know a lot about. These could all be potential topics for your PLR. When you choose something from this list you will know that you will be able to write about it and will probably save a lot of research time.

2. Whats Hot PLR is a very web-based business so that means things move rapidly. You have to keep your eyes and ears open on what it is popular especially when it comes to the internet. If you are creating PLR you dont want to miss out on a hot topic these topics can come and go fast so make sure you take advantage. Some of our biggest successes have been from trending topics like Mobile Marketing and Google+.

3. The Classic Earners Since I have been creating PLR products for a couple of years now, I have learned that some niches always sell well. They might not be MONSTER sellers like trending niches can be, but they will always garner enough interest to be worth pursuing. I am sure people will have their own views on this, but looking back at our last 60 or so products, I feel like the following niches seem to consistently be PLR friendly:

  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook especially)
  • Health (Diet, Exercise, etc)
  • Online Marketing
  • Blogging/WordPress


4. Products That Transcend Niches Another thing that we have found selling PLR, is that products which can be used across a wide variety of niches sell particularly well. This makes sense because the products arent limited to small niches. These type of products for us have included:

Time Management


Content Creation

That is not a full list by far, but those have been the most successful ones that I have sold. The common theme between them is that they could be helpful to just about anyone who is working online. Everyone needs time, motivation and content!

When it comes to choosing a niche for your PLR product, the above considerations will help you create something that is commercially viable. Now that said, and I may be in the minority, but I also think you shouldnt lose too much sleep over your choice of topic. I say jump right in, if it doesnt sell well, you still have a business asset you can use on upsells/bundles and like Jay-Z says On to the next one.

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