Get Your Site Reviewed To Suck In More Prospects

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People love reviews. One of the reasons why became so popular (and theres a list the length of the Nile regarding why that site became one of the biggest deals on the Internet since Al Gore) is due to its extensive review system. Customers like to read about those who have bought the product or visited the store before they have done so themselves. Most people these days are savvy enough to realize the point of advertising they know that commercials are out there for a reason, namely, to make the place of business or the product look good. Reviews, on the other hand, are ostensibly written by those who are not being paid cash to promote the product in a positive light, making potential customers trust them more.

Were assuming here that youre running a steady operation that customers like to visit and return to. If you have a business that youre proud of and you feel as though people would review it positively, then its a good idea to put your business in a position where it can garner those positive reviews.

Two great sites to start off with when it comes to getting your place of business reviewed by customers are Yelp and Google Maps. Once you put your site up on these sites, customers can submit reviews both positive and negative regarding your offline business and what they thought of it. Both of these sites see a lot of traffic per day, and if you are confident that the masses would review your small business positively, this is a great tool to convince others to stop by your place of business. After all, all businesses know that the best advertising available is the golden word of mouth recommendation and if you can get positive reviews on a social review site, its essentially the same thing. Just virtual.

Its a good idea to advertise the fact that your business is up on Yelp or Google Maps at your place of business. This will encourage your visitors to write a review on your business, particularly if theyve had an excellent time. Yelp in particular even allows the business owner to respond to comments left on their business by those who leave reviews. This is a great way to thank customers for their reviews if theyre positive, defend yourself if there is a bad review, or offer your condolences and suggest ways that both you and the customer can ensure a better visit next time if the review is less than glowing.

Social review sites can literally be a way to strike gold when it comes to an offline business foray into social media advertising. Even better, assuming that youre running a legit place of business that the customer is pleased with, you dont even have to do that much work. Just sign up for a profile and let the positive reviews roll in!

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