Finding Inspiration Offline For You Online Business

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Theres been a mad rush to the Internet these days for marketing purposes, and for good reason. With so many people riding the Information Superhighway these days to find information on everything from TV channels to bread machines, smart business owners know that they need to be on that highway as well. After all, if you dont jump on the next big thing your competition will, and nobody wants to get left behind in the race for the Internet.

However, even though its of the utmost importance for companies of all shapes and sizes to have an Internet presence even those who still do most of their business out of a brick and mortar building its also important to remember the offline world when it comes to online business. Thats right even if your company is entirely an Internet creation, there are many things you can do offline in order to create interest and profit online.

First off, try printing some brochures. These are a great way to get the attention of customers who arent on the Internet at that particular moment like if you are a car parts wholesaler, see if you can put your brochures on the desk of the local oil change facility. You can also contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any ideas.

Speaking of the Chamber of Commerce, be sure to switch off your computer long enough to join. Also, get involved with business clubs both online and offline to maximize your business impact and start networking with other businesses in the area. You might find a great partner in crime to team up with. If nothing else, youll make friends.

Business cards are an effective tool, if theyre used wisely. With the ease of information transfer, the business card isnt as important as it used to be, but it can become of interest if it doubles as a coupon for services or products. Be sure to hand them out whenever business comes up in conversation, and be explicit about the coupons value. This will encourage the recipient to hang on to the card longer than they might otherwise.

Flyers are another cheap way to get the word out. You can either post them around your community in approved places, or hand them out on the street. The reality of the situation is that most people probably wont take too much notice of a flyer and it might end up as littler, but theres always the chance that youll really catch somebodys attention. At the end of the day, flyers are still effective if they werent, you wouldnt see them around so much!

And, of course, theres always the option of radio and television ads. These can be expensive, but if youve got the budget and the inclination theyre a great way for a captive audience to hear your message.

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