New Software and Coaching: Tim Atkinsons FB Ad Clone

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Facebook ads are phenomenal for marketing your business. They are a good, inexpensive way to grow your fan base, increase engagement and collect leads.You can target your advertising really narrow which makes fb ads more targeted and less expensive than Google Adwords.

There is some trickyness to advertising on Facebook though. It’s not the same as advertising on other mediums. After all Facebook is a social platform and people tend to have a very short attention span, hopping from one status update to the other. You really need to make your ads stand out to make them click. The image you use for your ad is therefore essential. On Facebook, you should always start with cpc, I don’t care what anyone else says. The only time it makes sense to switch to cpm is when your campaign shows the cpm is lower than the cpc. But FB has made it clear that they will give cpc ads preference over cpm. So stick with ppc.

A few weeks ago Tim Atkinson launched his FB ad clone. This software scrapes the top performing Facebook ads and gives you the option to clone the best ad campaigns. Now, for this to work it is recommended you focus your fb account on one particular niche. There’s an upsell for a developers’ licence where you can have unlimited accounts within the Adclone Software. That way the software will bring back targeted ads for every niche like the make money or dating niche.

Included in the members area is a complete training program on fb advertising. Admittedly I bought this after some hesitation from earlier experiences with Tim Atkinson. The hypiness with which he markets his products can get somewhat annoying. But I must say this course is the most detailed facebook advertising coaching I’ve seen so far. I’ve learned a few valuable tricks from it. Kudos for FB Ad Clone.

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