Chris Hitman and Michael Thomas launched Easy WP Localhost last Saturday, February 20th. Michael redesigned the concept to make it easy to run a localhost on your computer and eliminates the risk of breaking a live site while your working on it.

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Who is this for?

At first sight EWPLH would be for wordpress designers. Professional designers have always installed localhosts on their computers to be able to work off-line and complete their designs before making a site live. Installing a localhost however involves some serious knowledge of php, ioncube and whatnot to make it work. There's simply a lot of technical stuff involved. Definitely not for everybody. Or you have to work with a coder to get things set up. That can get pretty expensive. This new software solves the problem of having to do all the technical steps and installs a localhost on your pc or mac with one click. Working on localhost is a lot easier and faster than working on a live website in fact anyone who builds websites for clients will tell you that is exactly how they do it because it’s so much quicker and easier.

So if you're not a designer why would you be interested in this? Well let's say you're a niche marketer and you have a number of wordpress blogs. Maybe you want to change a theme or upload a plugin. Especially plugins can get pretty cranky sometimes and suddenly it turns out there's a conflict with your theme or other plugins, or worse, completely break your site. As you well know a broken site can quickly lead to loss in ranking and you don't want that to happen, do you?

easy wp localhost is blazing fast

Plus a big benefit of having a software like Easywplocalhost installed is that you avoid all internet lag. Just last night we had a bit of a fallout where I live and I lost my internet connection. Guess what? I was still able to continue working on my site thanks to my localhost. Or imagine being able to work in places where there is no internet connection, like on the beach or some cabin at the lake..



Does this work on a mac?

Yes, ewplh works on both pc and mac.

Easy WP Localhost installs in minutes and simplifies the entire process when it comes to working locally
on your computer. Plus if you work with clients sometimes your client might not have hosting, so you can start building locally while you’re waiting!

One important feature that is new to the software is the option to backup and restore your sites with one click.

You can make changes to your hearts desire, test plugins, themes, updates, all before you apply them to a live site. without ever worrying that your site will break down.

The upgrade is a pro version that comes with a plugin that allows you to clone a site from easy wp localhost in 2 clicks, and import a site backup created by the plugin. Doing this stuff manually used to require in depth knowledge of php and mylsql, whereas the plugin saves you hours of work.

Oto 2 is a developer pack where you can store your favorite plugins and themes and upload them into easy wp localhost with one simple click. again a huge time saver.

If you want to read more about all that's involved in setting up localhost the traditional way, go here


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