Can Chromicode Open A New Traffic Faucet?

That's what Curtis and Andy have done with Chromicode. They took a complicated thing and turned it into a software that is easy to use for non-techies and taps into a massive traffic pool that has so far been almost completely ignored.

This Is How Easy It Is To Build An Extention:

Upload Your Extension

And voila

This is causing a force 5 storm on the internet right now. And rightfully so, because you can use it to

  • Drive Traffic to your sites, pages and offers.
  • Build Engagement with your audience.
  • Affiliate Marketing and Launch Jacking.
  • Build your list and audience.
  • Sell to local businesses OR FLIP if you buy the developers license.

how to make chrome extensions with chromicode

This really has endless possibilities. Let your creativity flow and you can make useful applications for your audience without technical knowledge.

Why Would You Want To Make Extensions For Chrome Anyway?

Google Chrome has over one billion users. More than 70 million users have at least one extension installed. That is massive traffic right at your fingertips.

Did you know you can deliver almost any content inside a Chrome extension? Video courses, sales pages, you can connect applications. Even somebody else's stuff. And when someone installs your extension you can collect their email address giving you laser-targeted leads.

Google is also it's own biggest fan, so you can imagine how well these extensions rank in the search engine.

How about digging your harddisk for unused PLR? Turn it into a free training course and deliver through your own extension. Give users a free version and make premium content available as an in-app purchase. This is what Curtis did with his SSL course. He has hardly done any promotion but after one week of installing he had 75 premium users out of 89 total. Not bad. You can check it out through the sales page.

Any Setbacks?

You have to realise it is almost impossible to get accurate data for add-ons. Measuring how many installs a browser extension has may be easy, but so far it is very difficult to get data about the actual useage. How many of those little icons do you have up there and how many do you actually use?

This is no magic button. Like with everything else you undertake in your internet business, you have to make something that is valuable and helps people. That said the possibilities of Chromicode are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Also this is not some Blue Monday thing that ends up unsupported after three months. Both Andy and Curtis are well-known serious software developers and marketers who stand by their product.

This is from the Q & A

There is a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Are There Upsells?

Yes, for an Agency license. For full transparency though both personal and developers licenses are offered on the sales page. There is also an upsell for a Wordpress version of the software.

How is Chromicode different from ChromEngage that was launched a few weeks ago?

  • This makes extensions that DO SOMETHING and not just bookmarks to a site with an opt-in form (than you can skip). Let's be real - no one is going to leave one of those installed, which means you lose all the benefit.
  • ChromeEngage only lets you make 25 extensions and if you want to make more you have to buy another license. ChromiCode lets you make Unlimited extensions.
  • ChromiCode has a developer license option! Theirs does not. They expect your client to buy a license for themselves (at which point they know what it does and how easily you made the extension and totally devalues what you can charge - freaking dumb!!!)
  • ChromiCode extensions contain no branding and run 100% independently of our software. If our server ever goes down, your extensions don't!
PS.:Don't wait until the storm is over because lifetime access will blow over too and this goes on monthly

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