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niche keywords can make you money

Niche Keywords – Sub Niche Keywords Are Your Key To Profits

by JMo
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You hear a lot about niche marketing online. All that means is to find a little sub section in a market, one that has decent amount of interest but not much competition and fly under the radar. To do that, you will need to find niche keywords for that niche market. That is where keyword tools come in handy but you also want to use the good old brain and some common sense. Sites like Amazon or Ebay can help you get great keyword ideas you might not have come up with so easily.   Build Better Websites These days it […]

Where To Find A Starving Crowd Of Buyers These Days – Digital Publishing

by jmoadmin
We know how much wealth was created in the era, the dawn of the Internet, the google Pay per click and adwords gold rush, and of course the Social Media era…. Well, according to Ed Dale that is about to be overthrown by a whole new ballgame. Of course we’re talking mobile here, but with a very interesting twist to it. Ed claims that the people who have already been using this system have generated over 1,000,000 customers within 11 months. They did that with no paid advertising. You wouldn’t even need a website, list or product to generate […]
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