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Keywords Phrases – Targeted Long Tail Keywords Hit Bullseye

by JMo
Keywords phrases, also called long tail keywords, are any keyword that is made up of more than one word, usually 3 or more. This is very important for you to know since most of what you do online will most likely revolve around long tail keywords. You can get tons of traffic, not so much from each individual keyword phrase, but if you are targeting lots of them then they can add up. How to get TONS of traffic from ‘unpopular’ search queries Most single keywords will just be way too competitive.…
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Keyword Research – Do You Need Paid Tools?

by Annet
Great advice from the guys from Incomeschool: if you want to start a niche site, a blog, even an e-commerce site, stop doing keyword research the old fashioned way. Back in 2007 you would open up the Google external keyword Tool (now keyword Planner), generate a bunch of keywords and start analising search results. Ideally you would come up with a list of highly searched, low-competition keywords and build your blog around them. Not so in 2017. Google wants to see relevance now more than ever. Sites…

Keyword Assessment

by JMo
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[xf_four_fifth first]You should never tackle a list of keywords without first analyzing traffic and competition. Its a waste of time and resources to focus on keywords that are too competitive or dont get enough searches. There is a specific formula I use to determine which keywords I want to focus on: At least 1,000 monthly searches No more than 30,000 pages in Google in quotes No more than 10,000 results for allintitle When you get your list of keywords from the Google keyword tool, it will tell…
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