[xf_four_fifth first]Recently Dave Guindon launched an application that helps users find the best headers for their email campaigns. I didn’t buy it at the time although it might be a useful tool to have.

But to cut things short you can just as easy check your own inbox and see what works, or open a few online journals like Masheable, New York Post, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Doggington Post etc., whatever works in your niche, to come up with great headlines.

Why many marketers won’t go beyond the standard jv emails beats me. What’s the point in sending the same email you know others will use to bump the next shining object to their list?

Suzanna Theresia does that. A lot. I am on her list because I have her products, ¬†Instabuilder and Instamember, but when I open my inbox and see her name I admit that I am more likely to hit the “delete” button than reading whatever turd she is sending out. There’s no real engagement there, just the attitude of “you’re on my list there you have it”.

Come to think of it and putting myself in the shoes of the subscriber, instead of reading the headlines I personally I tend to scan the “from” – list first and delete any of those whose names I associate with either plain junk or low quality offers.

People I know that hit their list with one offer after the other but do not give much in terms of value. Bonusses? Most of it is crap. What am I going to do with twenty-something plr-ebooks that will sit idly on my harddrive?

On the other hand, people who have branded their names are more likely to have their emails opened, regardless of the headline.

Charles Kirkland is one of them because I know he always gives great information. For free. Andy Brocklehurst too, I enjoy his cynical humor and I learn stuff, even though I don’t buy every product he puts out to the marketplace.

The point? It’s just as important or even more important to brand yourself as having great headlines.

That being said there are a couple of them that almost guarantee to make it to the trash can.

  1. “Hey”

I mean come on, if you’re that lazy then why should I listen to you? There’s even one of them – forgot his name – who’s adopted Don Wilson’s “hey, hey, hey”. Makes me cringe.

2. You MUST open this/You MUST read this.

Why should I? You ain’t telling me nothing about what is so important nor do I care because your name/brand apparently doesn’t make it to my priority-must-read-this personality list. Nobody likes to be told what to do, so don’t force it.

However…I did receive an email from Rich Schefren this week that did the job of intrigueing me as to open it. The header said “3 Reasons You Absolutely Must Open This Email”. That teezled my curiosity!

3. XXX/Day with…

Most likely some new and wonderful “loophole” that will only make me kill time and take me off what I am doing to build my business.

Oh, and the worst thing you can do to promote your product is take me to a video with masterturd Todd Gross who seems to be promoting every other JVzoo product launch these days. Yikes. That’s a guaranteed straight-down-the-drain.[/xf_four_fifth]

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