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How You Can Get More Traffic Than You Can Imagine

January 30, 2018
Are you focussing on the method or the metrics? Are you concerned about how long your video should be or what image to put in your Facebook ad? As Todd Brown explains in his latest podcast, if you are doing that than you are thinking…
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Keywords Phrases – Targeted Long Tail Keywords Hit Bullseye

Keywords phrases, also called long tail keywords, are any keyword that is made up of more than one word, usually 3 or more. This is very important for you to know since most of what you do online will most likely revolve around long…

Can Chromicode Open A New Traffic Faucet?

September 12, 2017
  Software by Curt Crawley/Andy Brocklehurst Chromicode makes it easy to design your own Chrome extensions. Until now you would have to have coding knowledge to do that, or pay an expensive designer to do it for you. These guys…

Are YOU Breaking EU VAT Laws?
Now, EVERY digital sale made in ANY EU country has to include VAT – and the rate charged (in case you didn’t you know, every EU country sets its own rate!) is now based on where the customer is, not where the supplier is like before.

This applies to all digital product sellers - even if you are in the US!

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