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How Do I Choose A PLR Topic or Niche

Turn Any PLR Into Custom Software And Use It As Lead Magnet Andy Brocklehurst has gone berzerk! He is giving away his flagship software…

3 Worst Email Headers I Received This Week

December 11, 2015
[xf_four_fifth first]Recently Dave Guindon launched an application that helps users find the best headers for their email campaigns.…

Are YOU Breaking EU VAT Laws?

Now, EVERY digital sale made in ANY EU country has to include VAT – and the rate charged (in case you didn’t you know, every EU country sets its own rate!) is now based on where the customer is, not where the supplier is like before.

This applies to all digital product sellers - even if you are in the US!

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My name is Johanna, Dutch-born and Mexican-imported. I've been living in Cancun for twenty years now. I work as a tour guide which is an awesome "job" and on off-days I make my living online.

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