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How Do I Choose A PLR Topic or Niche

by JMo
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Turn Any PLR Into Custom Software And Use It As Lead Magnet Andy Brocklehurst has gone berzerk! He is giving away his flagship software EzSoftwareMaker and you can also get the Pro version plus brander for nuffink. Don’t know until when this will be up, guess when he comes to his senses it will be over quick! HURRY THIS WON’T BE UP FOR LONG GET EZSOFTWAREMAKER NOW FOR FREE If you are doing some form of online marketing it could be that your harddisk is full of PLR products. Some crappy, some actually good. I know I have bought my […]

3 Worst Email Headers I Received This Week

by jmoadmin
[xf_four_fifth first]Recently Dave Guindon launched an application that helps users find the best headers for their email campaigns. I didn’t buy it at the time although it might be a useful tool to have. But to cut things short you can just as easy check your own inbox and see what works, or open a few online journals like Masheable, New York Post, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Doggington Post etc., whatever works in your niche, to come up with great headlines. Why many marketers won’t go beyond the standard jv emails beats me. What’s the point in sending the same […]
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